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9 Startup Funding Options – Business Loans

Dated:  December 16, 2016  Description:  In this video you will learn about 9 Startup Funding Options including business loans and other options you might not have heard of including rollover for business startups. 0:28 Option 1: Traditional Bank and SBA Loans 1:18 Option 2: Rollover for Business Startups (ROBS) 1:57 Option 3: Home Equity Loans and Line of Credit 2:36 […]

Raising Capital – Convertible Notes, Equity and Startup Funding Explained

Date: Feb. 12, 2019 Description:  If you’re starting your first company, understanding stock, preferred stock, options, convertible notes and other fundraising instruments can be truly overwhelming. We didn’t find a single video that covered this, so here we go.  If you are an early-stage startup company in the tech space, the best way to raise capital is with a convertible […]