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About Us

Our Solutions Ecosystem helps communities Reorganize, Remobilize and Reintegrate all of the pieces necessary to drive a unified and integrated community plan.

We are a cross-network with cross-skilled individuals on a mission to drive a collaborative resource solutions that combines coordinated grass roots activities, expert support resources, training and business coaching, financial oversight management, coordinated collaborations with capital partners, and digital solutions/technology rails to accelerate community transformation and growth.

Economic Building, People Building,
Community Building

We believe when communities work as a collective around a common vision every possibility can come to fruition.   

BFP Vision

Create Solutions That Promotes Collaborative Win-Win Results

To Positively Impact the growth and development of communities by providing creative and mission critical strategic, tactical, digital and Business solutions.

To go Beyond Problems by Offering Solves

To Partner with Communities, Businesses and Stakeholders through innovative ways to Reduce Challenges, Solve Problems and Drive Sustainable Growth and Development.

BFP Mission
BFP Approach Blue

Innovate New Solutions, Reorganize, Mobilize and Integrate Rails

For a Community to Prosper, The Small Business Community Must Grow. As Small Businesses grow, they must hire locally.

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Identified Funding Partners

Qme 1100+ CDFI White Backg QmeFPE (4)
Qme Support Ecosystem White Backg QmeFPE (3)
White Backg QmeFPE (9)
Qme Tracking 1 White Backg QmeFPE (8)
Qme Benefit Plans White Backg QmeFPE (6)
Qme Oversight White Backg QmeFPE

Our Executives & Advisory Board

Successful Communities have these Core Fundamentals things in common – They care about each other and they have strong high quality relationships that are built on trust.

Barron Rendel

Advisory Board Member

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Reggie Middleton

Advisory Board Member

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Karen Felix

Advisory Board Member

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Catherine Roberts

Advisory Board Member

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Gaylord Neal 

Managing Partner | Communications

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Nathan Albertelli

Managing Partner | Research

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